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This course contain MS Word, EXCEL, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook & Teams.




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  • Course Description

    Microsoft Office (IT Office) is a collection of software and services developed by Microsoft. Stepping into the world of Microsoft and learning will benefit you in every aspect of life. Ms Office consists of many software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook etc..

  • Microsoft Word

    Learn ms word which is a computer program developed by Microsoft and is used to construct and edit text documents. The highlighting ability of word is to make changes easily, such as spelling correction, deleting, formatting and relocating text. Adding to it, the document can be printed quickly and accurately saved for later modifications.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams

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  • Intro to IT & Computers

    Basic Concept of IT
    What is a Computer?
    Components of a Computer
    Classification of Computers
    Computer Software
    System Software [Operating System – Ms Windows]
    Application Software [MS Office]
    Operating System
    The Windows Desktop
    Desktop Wallpaper
    The Taskbar
    Setting the Date and Time
    The Windows Start Button
    Share your computer with others
    Setting Parental Controls in Windows
    Copying Pictures to a New Folder
    How to take a screenshot in Windows

  • Microsoft Word

    Creating a basic document
    Enter text
    Saving a new document
    Preview document
    Print document
    Online help
    Editing a Document
    Insert text
    Select text
    Create an auto text entry
    Move and copy text
    Delete text
    Undo changes
    Find and replace text
    Formatting Text
    Apply font styles and effects
    Change text color
    Highlight text
    Bulleting text
    Formatting Paragraphs
    Set tabs to align text
    Control paragraph layout
    Add borders and shading
    Apply styles
    Adding Table
    Create a table
    Modify the table structure
    Format a table
    Table toolbar
    Header and Footer
    Understanding header and footer
    Creating / editing header and footer
    Insert page number / text on header & footnote and endnote option menu
    Creating / editing footnote and endnote
    Drawing Toolbar – Word Art
    Use of Drawing toolbar
    Use of auto shape
    Adding shadows and text to a shape
    Working with textbox object
    Create word art
    Advanced word art
    Create Word Macros
    What is a macro
    Create a macro
    Assign a macro to the keyboard
    Delete your macro
    Proofing a Document
    Check spelling, grammar and word count
    Customize autocorrect options

  • Microsoft Excel

    Getting Started With MS Excel
    Excel rows and columns
    Workbook & worksheet
    Enter text and numbers in a cell
    Edit text in a cell
    Cell formatting
    Font formatting
    Merge cells
    Save your work
    Formulas and Functions
    Entering formulas
    Copying data and formulas
    Using AutoSum
    Understanding functions
    Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)
    Copying formulas
    Editing Features
    Using cut , copy, and paste operations
    Using paste special with values
    Selection techniques
    Navigation techniques
    Working with the Large Workbooks
    Freezing and unfreezing panes
    Splitting windows
    Inserting page breaks for printing
    Working with Charts
    Creating charts using Chart Wizard
    Creating different types of charts
    Including titles and values in charts
    Formatting of charts
    Inserting Graphic Objects
    Insert and modify pictures and clipart
    Draw and modify shapes
    Illustrate workflow using smartart Graphics
    Previewing and Printing
    Previewing worksheets
    Page setup
    Printing of worksheets in multiple pages
    Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages
    Printing multiple worksheets
    Simple Database Operation
    Sorting tables
    Filtering data with auto filter
    Referring data from other worksheets
    Create hyperlinks
    Analyzing Data Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
    Create a pivot table report
    Analyze data using pivot charts

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft Office Toolbar
    Quick Access Toolbar
    Mini Toolbar
    Creating a Presentation
    New Presentation
    Save a Presentation
    Add Slides
    Working with Content
    Enter Text
    Select Text
    Copy and Paste
    Cut and Paste
    Spell Check
    Formatting Text
    Change Font Typeface and Size
    Font Styles and Effects
    Change Text Color
    Change Paragraph Alignment
    Indent Paragraphs
    Text Direction
    Adding Content
    Resize a Textbox
    Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    Nested Lists
    Formatting Lists
    Adding Video
    Adding Audio
    Adding a Picture
    Adding ClipArt
    Editing Picture and ClipArt
    Adding Shapes
    Adding SmartArt
    Create a Table
    Enter Data in a Table
    Format a Table
    Insert a Table from Word or Excel
    Create a Chart
    Edit Chart Data
    Modify a Chart
    Chart Tools
    Paste a Chart from Excel
    Slide Effects
    Slide Transitions
    Slide Animation
    Animation Preview
    Print a Presentation
    Package a Presentation

  • Internet & Microsoft Outlook

    Getting and Using an Email Account
    Getting an Email account
    Using an Email account: sending greeting cards and email to one another
    Online Shopping, Chat and other services
    MS Outlook
    How to Set up a new Email account
    How to Add Email Attachments
    Set up a Second Outlook Express Account
    Add a Signature to all outgoing emails

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